Undoing Diabetes without Coming Undone

Just diagnosed with diabetes? Afraid you won’t be able to eat pasta or chocolate ever again? Worried you’ll need insulin shots? Unsure what this means for your health and your life? Fear not! The editors of Prevention magazine, America’s #1 healthy lifestyle brand, have created a simple guide just for you—and the other 24 million Americans who suffer from this life-threatening disease. Based on the advice of doctors, nutritionists, certified diabetes educators, and other health professionals who specialize in diabetes care, Undoing Diabetes without Coming Undone gives you 10 quick and easy ways to lower your blood sugar, lose weight, and avoid complications—while still eating the foods you love. Stop diabetes today with this reassuring and practical e-book, and live a full and vital life.

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Undoing Diabetes without Coming Undone: Cover Image

Undoing Diabetes

Without Coming Undone

By the Editors of Prevention Magazine