Maria Rodale's Organic Gardening Secrets: Summer

The second original ebook, Summer, explains how to prepare for and plan your garden in order to ensure a bountiful four-season vegetable harvest.

Inside you'll learn insider tips and tactics, like:

Attracting Beneficial Birds and Beautiful Butterflies: What to plant to feed birds and butterflies
How to Be a Bug Whisperer: What bugs can tell you about the health of your garden Plus! 20 bugs for a better garden
Winning the War Against Weeds: The best and worst times to weed, plus the one weeding rule everyone should know
Sustainable Watering Techniques: How to design your own drip irrigation system
Supercharge Your Summer Soil: Fast fixes and permanent cures for fabulous summer soil
Summer Garden Harvest: How to stake a tomato in 5 easy steps

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Maria Rodale shares her organic gardening secrets in this four-volume ebook series. These season-by-season guides offer straight-forward, easy-to-follow gardening basics so that anyone can enjoy a beautiful, productive, organic garden.

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Maria Rodale's Organic Gardening Secrets: Summer


By Maria Rodale